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…A world devoured

Ok, so Healthy eating and why you might be interested…

Lets face it, here in Britain and other countries around the world (You know who your are!) it would be reasonable to say that we are pretty incompetent in this department.

“… but our pace of life is too fast and something about not having the time, or a willingness to give a flying something or other about something”

Very true, but does it not strike you as strange that we have such an ineptitude towards looking after ourselves?

I mean take Japan for example, where average life expectancy is 82.25 years! You would be hard pushed to suggest that life moves at a slower rate to our own.

Yes they all exercise on mass before starting work, the government has invested heavily in public health, and they have toilets which talk but one undeniable factor is the Japanese Diet.

Scandinavian countries also rank highly on the list, and many put this down to a great diet. Those Viking’s enjoy a lean diet of fresh meat, fish, and lots of vegetables. The presence of any-kind of fast food culture is also relatively low

While in comparison to the rest of the world countries like Britain still have a high life expectancy due to a good standard of living I think we are dragged down by the way we eat.

As a student I almost see it as a duty to eat ridiculous quantities of fast food, and I will be honest I have never taken much interest in eating healthily. How ever I find that all of this gets a little boring sometimes, and I have to eat something which is not of orangey-yellowish hue.

This is when I first discovered that my cooker could be used to prepare things other than Pizza’s, pasta, and other crispy morsels of oily goodness. Now I guess I’m exaggerating a bit because I was not deprived of healthy food. My mum always ensured that I ate properly and she showed me the basics. I really enjoy cooking and I reckon everyone should enjoy it. I like to eat lots of different things from lots of different places, but eating carry outs and ready meals is expensive and more often than not devoid of any authenticity.

“How to solve this most difficult and gargantuan of predicaments?”

Get in the kitchen and start using it…

“So wait just one second here, measuring jugs can be used for things other than eating cereal?… and and the plastic bowl in the cupboard is not just for dubious alcoholic concoctions and catching the drips from our leaking stopcock?”

Yeah sure, probably…

So here’s the plan:

I thought it’d be interesting to pick a “top 10” list of healthy eating countries and eat the food from each of those countries for one month, and that’s what Im gonna do.

I shall be documenting the experience on this blog with recipes, daily progress, facts and other interesting stuff. I fully endorse giving it a go as well, so follow me into world domination!

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