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Try lingonberry liqueur…

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This one is great if you’re a bit strapped for cash this festive season. Try giving it as a gift or substituting the alcohol you would have purchased otherwise.

I have basically taken a traditional recipe for a mixed berry liqueur and pillaged it with style.  I am of the impression that this new addition will provide a more tart composition. Whatever the case it tastes great, its cheap, and will get you sozzled this New Years Eve.


  • Should make two bottles
  • 1 pack frozen mixed berries (200g),
  • 100g Lingonberries 
  • 450g sugar,
  • pint of water,
  • half bottle of cheap vodka (500ml)
  • Potato masher, sieve,
  • Fancy bottles for decanting, or Kilner type jar


Make sure you sterilize your bottles using milton’s fluid or similar baby bottle sterilizer. Then Dry
Microwave mixed berries until thawed, then add lingonberries. Microwave further until they all begin to breakdown and you can see some of the juice
Now add the sugar to the mix, and mash together into a pulp.
Place the bowl back into the microwave and bring to the boil, this will also sterilise the mixture
Strain the mixture using a sieve and let it cool.  It should then resemble a thin syrup, add the water and vodka and stir. Decant into your bottle, jar, or stomach.


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