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Requiem for a meatball…

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Great Meatballs, and Purple Potatoes?!

The Meatballs turned out to be a great success. I hope you tried them out and I hope you found them equally as delicious. If not give them a go. My housemate’s certainly didn’t complain. I made slightly more than the recipe, because we’ve all got big appetites.

Since I couldn’t find enough cranberries at my local store I couldn’t make the Cowberry Compote, but I would definitely have given it a go otherwise. Instead I chose to make a traditional style gravy, as described in the previous post. I added two beef stock cubes to a mug of boiling water and used this to de-glaze the pan after I had browned the meatballs. After allowing this to absorb all the lovely meat juices for a few minutes I then transferred the stock to a milk pan. I brought this to the boil and allowed the stock to reduce while the meatballs were in the oven. I then gradually sieved in some plain flour to thicken the sauce, and finally added a dash of milk to the mixture. The recipe suggested cream but I felt this to be a healthier alternative.

I was going to serve the meatballs with small potatoes, but came across a more unusual choice so decided to use this instead. Purple Potatoes! Initially dubious I though what the hell and shoved them in the basket. After boiling them for 20 minutes the water surrounding these

tuberous fellows turned dark green. Upon dissection they are surprisingly, purple all the way through, which would make for some interesting mash. Anyway’s they taste just like any other potato, no doubt some potato aficionado will be disgusted at this disregard for any potato nuances, but I care not.

According to the BBC news website the “purple majesty” variety of potato “…contains up to 10 times the level of antioxidant, anthocyanins, compared with white potatoes.”

There is also nothing to worry about as they have been developed from a traditional variety grown high in the Andes. So GM fears can be put to rest. They are selling for £1 a bag at Sainsbury’s at the moment and are well worth a try in my opinion.

I also sliced up some cabbage and lightly fried this in the same pan I used for the meatballs. Seasoned the cabbage with salt and pepper.

Well I don’t think there is much else to say. It was a really tasty meal and I would most certainly try it again. If you haven’t tried the recipe already, give it a go and let me know how you got on.

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